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The Standard Nomenclature and grading of Medical/Dental Practitioners is followed after consulting regional and international standards and best practices.

The basis for grading essentially divided principal criteria into mandatory and performance criteria.

The nomenclature is as follows :

a) General Medical Practitioners are graded into : Junior Medical Officers, Medical Officers, Senior Medical Officers & Chief Medical Officers,

b)Registrars/residents/post graduates trainees are graded into : Junior Registrars and Senior Registrars.

c)The specialist category are graded into : Junior Consultant, Consultant, Senior Consultant and Chief Consultant.

Common Requirements :

A. Requirements documents :
(1) Signed relevant application form
(2) Valid License to Practice
(3) Valid Certificate of Good Status issued by the Council
(4) Notarized copy of Degree
(5) Clinical Portfolio signed by Head of Institution
(6) Evidence of required CPD credits (Copy of CPD Logbook)
(7) Evidence of grading fees payment (50,000 FRW) paid on Ban Account Number 00040-0282401-67 in Bank of Kigali.
(8) Job offers or Deployment letter
(9) Performance appraisal report (Annual Evaluation)
(10) Evidence of teaching (where applicable)
(11) Evidence of leadership (where applicable)
(12) Evidence of Research publication (where applicable)
(13) Evidence of new services created where possible
(14) Internship completion certificate (for Medical Officers)
(15) Degree Equivalence for Foreign Trained Doctors
(16) Evidence of membership to Committee or other administrative Organs (apointments)
(17) Signed CV
(18) Any other supporting document as per the application form

The Complete application materials well bound should be submitted to the Reception of Rwanda Medical and Dental Council (hard copy).

1.Click here to download the Grading Application Form for Specialists
2.Click here to download the Grading Application Form for General Practitioners
3.Click here to download the Portfolio template
4.Click here to download the Application form for Certificate of Good Status(CGS)
5.Click here to download the Grading Guidelines

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