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Laws and Policies
LAW : Law of Rwanda Medical and Dental Council Law establishing medical professional liability insurance Ministerial Order establishing (...)
CPD Annual report July 2011 - December 2012
Medical Schools
POLICY : Registrations for Indexing for Medical and Dental Students Medical and Dental Schools Inspection Document CHECK LIST FOR THE INSPECTION OF (...)
EAC Resource
Report of 3rd EAC Joint Inspection of Medical/Dental Schools and Teaching Hospitals in the Republic of Rwanda on 22nd September 2022 Report of 3rd EAC (...)
The Standard Nomenclature and grading of Medical/Dental Practitioners is followed after consulting regional and international standards and best practices. (...)
AMCOA Resource
AMCOA 2016 Conference report AMCOA Protocol on health workforce migration AMCOA Protocol on Medical and Dental malpractice
Application Forms
Registration and Licensing Application forms : Registration : 1.Application for full registration 2.Application for temporary registration Licenses : (...)
NCB Decisions
Resolutions of National Council Board Click here to download NCB decisions of July 19th 2018 Click here to download NCB decisions of June 28th (...)
Updated Licenses
Medical and Dental practitioners with valid license to practice for the year July 2021-June 2022 Updated this October 2021. This list is not exhaustive it (...)
Intern Logbook
Download the internship logbook

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