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THET project training

In pursuance of its statutory obligations and functions, the Council has approved a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Program to improve, renew, and update the skills and ability of all doctors and to ensure that appropriate, high-quality health services are being provided to patients.

Makerere Palliative Care Unit (MPCU) is the lead technical partner for the THET project led by the UOE and in partnership with APCA to strengthen palliative care delivery in 12 hospitals in 4 countries and over 3 years. MPCU is recognised as a centre of excellence for academic, hospital models of palliative care. It is a leader in education at all levels including undergraduate, postgraduate and in-service training ; in addition to clinical placements and research.

Introduction to Palliative Care in Rwanda

5 day training supported by Makerere Palliative Care Unit

Overall goal (project)

To empower and support hospitals to develop and deliver high quality palliative care in their setting and to reach out to their community hubs

Sites (project)

To support the Palliative Care Association of Rwanda and the hospital sites of Rwamagana (Dec 10th to 14th ), Kibagabaga and CHUK (Dec 17th to 21st).

Teaching is more than just passing on information. It is also about generating interest and excitement about the subject and leading to changing attitudes and building skills. It is mutual learning with the goal of changing practice. We will support teaching using adult learning principles which assumes participants already have a foundation of knowledge and experience from their previous education, their work and their life experiences. Training approaches will recognise and draw out this knowledge, connecting it to what is being taught. Training will also be offered in a competency based framework with clear outcomes linked to practice development. Different people learn in different ways, so different teaching methods to address the cycle of learning styles will be modeled and applied during the course of the training. MPCU will supply experienced trainers who are familiar with teaching theory, with the training materials used and will work closely with local and national trainers in partnership with the national palliative care associations to deliver the competencies agreed with each local setting.

Aim (for this course)
To deliver a 5 day introductory training in palliative care to a multi disciplinary group of healthcare workers.

Please download program here and the full concept note for THET project training programmes here


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