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Organisation Structure

Organisation Structrue

The Rwanda Medical and Dental Council (RMDC) has the following organs :

  1. The National Council ;
  2. The Bureau of the National Council ;
  3. The Technical commissions.

National Council

The National Council is the supreme organ of the RMDC.
The National Council makes rules and general principles relating to morality, honor, confidentiality, dignity and devotion essential to the practice of the profession and which constitute the code of medical ethics.

The same National Council plays an advocacy role before public and private institutions as to all matters relating to medical and dental care provision.

More about attributions of the National Council can be found in detail in RMDC law.

Bureau of the National Council

The Bureau implements the decisions, regulations and instructions from the supreme organ which is the National Council. In its daily activities it is assisted by the permanent secretariat.

Specifically, the Bureau has the following responsibilities :

• To ensure the smooth running of the National Council and its commissions ;

• To update the National Register

• To put an end to all acts, contracts, or statutes to which doctors are party to but which include clauses contrary to medical and dental ethics ;

• To report to relevant authorities acts of illegal practice of the profession it becomes aware of ;

• To carry out the preliminary investigations on all cases to be examined by the National Council ;

• To carry out any other disciplinary measures decided by organs of the Council ;

• To hire, dismiss the Council’s support staff, and determine their attributions as well as their remunerations ;

• To perform any other duty as the Council may deem necessary ;

Technical commissions

To carry out its responsibilities, the National Council is supported by technical commissions. The composition and functioning modalities for such commissions shall be defined in the Council’s internal rules regulations.

The discipline and financial commissions were established, and other commissions shall be created depending on the Council needs.


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