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Registration and Licensing

Registration of a medical or dental practitioner is done once upon successful assessment and qualification verification of the application file of the applicant. The registration fees depend on the professional category and are stated in the Registration policy.

To be registered in the Specialist category, Rwandans and non-Rwandans with foreign Masters of Medicine/Dentistry Degree or equivalent from a recognized University should submit to the Secretariat of Rwanda Medical and Dental Council or by email : info@rmdc.rw copy to rwandamedicalanddentalcouncil1@gmail.com a signed application with related support documents including but not limited to :

  • Valid Certificate of Good Status issued by Medical Regulatory Body in home country
  • Certificate of Registration issued by Medical Regulatory Body in home country
  • Valid License to practice (issued by home Council/Board)
  • Valid Police Clearance (issued by home Country)
  • Notarized copy of Master of Medicine Degree /Master of Dental Surgery
  • Notarized Copy of Bachelor of Medicine (MD, MBBS, DDS)
  • Letter of recommendation issued by Hosting Institution in Rwanda
  • Letter of Recommendation issued by recent employer
  • Registration fees and Licensing fees

In the letter from The Ministry of Health requests all Councils to consider Degree and Degree Equivalences before issuing Professional Registration,

Those who have already license and certificate of registration without equivalence of degrees, they must complete their files in a period not exceeding 6 months.

For foreigners, Applicants who are seeking licenses for a period below 1 year, No clearance shall be requested to the Ministry. The RMDC is requested to share with Ministry of all requirements needed to applicants that can ensure due diligence. example : recommendation from their hospitals they working for, Good standing certificate from their councils,... on top of other requirements already in place.

Applicants who are requesting a license of 1 year and above ; RMDC shall submit the clearance of applicant to Ministry with the following files : passport copy and his/her CV and the hospital he/she where is going to work. Per past experience, The clearance is obtained between 1 and 2 months, in few cases above ; we encourage to send the request earlier.

Registration and Licensing Application forms :

1.Registration :

1.Full Registrations for citizens :
a)Form for General Practitioner(GP)
b)Form for Specialists

2.Temporary Registration for Foreigners
a)Form for General Practitioner(GP) and
b)Form for Specialists

2.Licenses :

All Medical Doctors should mandatorily use the RMDC online services while applying for license renewal available at www.rmdc.rw by uploading the Copy of Expired License, Bank Slip and Evidence of 50 CPD Credits.

Effective July 1st of every year, any Doctor without the valid Annual License or any person employing such a Doctor, will be contravening the Law No 44/2012 of 14/01/2013 and shall be brought before the competent courts of law.

The application for registration and licensing of Foreign Medical Doctors is done by the Hosting institution, the Hosting institutions should submit notarized copies to the Reception of Rwanda Medical Council

Follow up is made by sending email to info@rmdc.rw copy or calling +250788388452 seven days following the date of application’s submission.

Whenever the License Certificate is available, the scanned copy is sent to applicant’s email.

Click here to download relevant application forms


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