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“Equivalence Certificate” is issued to students having completed their studies and obtained their degrees from Foreign accredited institutions of higher learning.

It has been observed that many of the applicants for Equivalence who have graduated from Health-related programs outside Rwanda, have no “Index number” as required by respective Health Professional Regulatory Bodies.

In addition, most of them do not meet “Admission requirements” into Higher Education in Rwanda (i.e. 2 Principal passes).

In order to resolve the above issues and have qualified and competent staff in Health sector ; the Ministry of Health, in collaboration with Human Resource for Health Secretariat (HRHS), Higher Education Council (HEC) and Health Professional Regulatory Bodies (RMDC, NCNM, RAHPC, and NPC)[1] operating in Rwanda, adopted the following :

1. All students wishing to study Health-related programs in Rwanda or abroad, must be indexed before enrollment. Indexing will also help to plan and organize internship for graduates.

2. All Health professional students graduating from foreign institutions have to undertake and successfully pass the Licensure exam from their respective Professional Regulatory Bodies, before a “Rwandan Equivalence” is issued. The exam should in English.

3. Upon passing successfully the Licensure exam, Health Professional Regulatory Bodies will recommend graduates for equivalence. Applicants for equivalence shall be requested to present their Licenses issued by Professional Regulatory Bodies.

4. Applicants for index number, should fulfill Admission Requirements into Higher Education (i.e. 2 Principal Passes) and Specific Health Professional Regulatory Bodies Criteria into Health- related programs, as follows :

  • To have studied Science Subjects in Secondary School : Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics.
  • To have Passed core subjects of Biology and Chemistry at least :
  • Grade C : for all students wishing to study health related programs at Bachelor level

6. All Schools with non-indexed students in health-related programs, are give three (3) months to complete the indexing process.


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