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The Rwanda Medical and Dental Council must ensure that candidates willing to practice medicine and dentistry in Rwanda meet the required standards and demonstrate competencies defined in the Core Curriculum before licensure in line with the ordinary Law Nº 44/2012 of 14/01/2013 establishing the Council.
All General Medical or Dental Practitioners with degrees issued by medical schools non-accredited by EAC Councils or any Foreign Medical School seeking to register with the Council must sit for licensure examinations.

Written Exams for both Medical and Dental Candidates :
Date : Sunday 28th August 2022
Venue : UR College of Medicine (Former KIE) near Kimironko Bus Station
Time : 8h00 AM

List of candidates to write Council licensure examinations

Any irregularities or conduct construed as dishonest during the written or practical sessions that are noticed by an invigilator, examiner, a moderator or administrative assistant will be reported immediately to the Board of Rwanda Medical Council.

The candidate who is caught cheating will be disqualified from doing RMDC exams and shall not be ever legible for RMDC Council Qualifying Exams.

Malpractices may be in any of the following forms :

i) External assistance by teachers or any other persons
ii) Prior knowledge of examination questions
iii) Impersonation
iv) Copying from one another
v) Exchanging examination scripts between candidates
vi) Substitution of examination scripts
vii) Smuggling notes into the examination room
viii) Improper behavior in the examination room
ix) Smuggling any unauthorized equipment in the examination room.

Each candidate is requested to present ID or Passport, Negative Covid-19 Test and Indexing Certificate/Number before entering the exams room.

  • Candidates must be searched thoroughly before entering the examination room or hall
  • Candidates must bear proper identification
  • All examination centers must start the examination at the same time in the morning hours
  • Candidates must be seated in the examination room 30 minutes before the commencement of the examination
  • Answer sheets are distributed, followed by inverted examination question papers
  • No candidate is allowed to turn the examination paper before the invigilator allows it
  • All answers and rough work must be written in paginated answer booklets provided
  • Silence must be strictly observed
  • No candidate shall be allowed in the examination room or hall after the commencement of the examination
  • In case of unforeseen incidence such as sudden illness, etc… a candidate may be permitted to leave the room, escorted by an invigilator.
  • Any grievance must be reported immediately to the invigilator or exam coordinator.


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