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Registration of a medical or dental practitioner is done once upon successful assessment and qualification verification of the application file of the applicant while Licensing is done every year and is the processing of granting the right to practice the art of medicine or dental practice upon fulfilment of all requirements. The practitioner shall be required to have at least 50 CPD points every year where a proof of having acquired CPD points will be a requirement for re licensing.

Steps :

A. Application for registration

Registration of a medical doctor or a dental surgeon on the Register of the Council falls under one of the following professional categories :

1. Medical and Dental Intern,
2. General Practitioner,
3. Resident,
4. Specialists,
5. Sub-specialist,
6. Public Health Specialist.

Click on the following relevant application form and send it to rwandamedicalanddentalcouncil1@gmail.com

1. Application form for registration of General Practitioners
2. Application Form for Registration of Residents
3. Application form for Specialists

B. Application for licenses

Required documents

  • Application form
  • Previous license
  • Internship completion certificate
  • Proof of payment

Click here to apply for license

Applicants are reminded that all application materials should be submitted in one PDF document, respecting the order of required documents available on the form. The application is rejected in case the applicant failed to submit all required documents.

As per the Registration and licensing policy of Rwanda Medical and Dental Council, once the application materials are received by the Secretariat of Rwanda Medical and Dental, they are subjected to verifications process by Education, Registration and Licensing Committee which meet once a month.

The Committee decisions are communicated to applicants ; the verification process takes a minimum 30 days and applicant should make follow after 30 days by calling 0788388452 or sending email to info@rmdc.rw

Once the Certificate of Registration and License to practice are available, the scanned copies are sent to the applicant’s email.
Please do avoid unnecessary movement traveling to RMDC Secretariat in the prevention of Covid-19 pandemic.


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