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Announcement : New Licensure Examinations Policy & November 2020 Examinations

The Rwanda Medical & Dental Council (RMDC) is a regulatory body established by Law Nº 44/2012 of 14/01/2013 determining the organization, functioning, and competencies of the Medical and Dental Council.

The overall objective of the Medical and Dental Council is to safeguard the standards of health care. In pur-suance of its mandate, the Rwanda Medical and Dental Council (RMDC) established an Examinations Policy in 2016 to assess the knowledge, skills and attitude of Medical or Dental Practitioners with foreign degrees seeking to register with the Council.

As Rwanda and the region are developing, and medicine/dentistry themselves are also advancing ; this has brought changes in the healthcare needs of the population making it imperative to review the competencies required for medical and dental practitioners to provide a high quality of care.

The Rwanda Medical and Dental Council must ensure that candidates willing to practice medicine and den-tistry in Rwanda meet the required standards and demonstrate competencies defined in the Core Curricu-lum before licensure.
All General Medical or Dental Practitioners with degrees issued by medical schools non-accredited by EAC Councils or any Foreign Medical School seeking to register with the Council must sit for licensure examina-tions.

The Licensure examinations must be set following the blueprint :

As per the NewLicensure examinations policy, the licensing examination shall be a comprehensive examination in General Medicine or Dental Surgery. Discipline-based examinations will no longer take place (ie separate disciplines : Pediatrics, Gynecology, Surgery, etc….)

The Rwanda Medical and Dental Councils informs Candidates, that the written exam is scheduled for November 15th,2020 from 8h00 in the auditorium of the School of Medicine and Health Sciences/UR, Remera Campus.

Please do not hesitate to contact the RMDC by sending email info@rmdc.rw for any clarifications.

Office of the Registrar
Rwanda Medical and Dental Council


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