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RMA : Management of Common Medical Emergencies-The Rwandan Context(IMPORTANT)

The Rwanda Medical Association (RM) is registered and officially recognized as a non-profit organization by the Rwanda Governance Board (RGB) as well as the World medical Association (WMA). It was founded in 1997and is composed of medical doctors/physicians practicing in Rwanda as well as those working or training abroad.

On behalf of the Rwanda Medical Association (RMA), We wish to invite you to attend a symposium organized by the RMA to be held on 28th September, 2018 at the Serena Hotel, Kigali. The theme will be “Management of Common Medical Emergencies-The Rwandan Context”.

In efforts to improve working conditions of medical doctors and delivery of universal high quality health care services in Rwanda, The RMA is determined to work hand in hand with the Ministry of Health to achieve its goals.

Medical Emergencies, a common cause of morbidity and mortality in affected patients, require prompt recognition, timely and efficient management. It is of paramount importance, especially for clinicians working far from specialized medical services to be able to recognize and initiate management of these emergencies, especially during the initial golden hours.

RMA, an umbrella bringing together medical doctors from across Rwanda, is pleased to link few experts from different medical fields with other clinicians to discuss and share updates, challenges and solutions for effective care regarding the management of common Medical Emergencies, but importantly start a collaborating network between Seniors Specialists in different fields with other doctors which will help in continuation of continuous medical education and continuation of patient care. Medical Ethics and Professionalism which is a crosscutting standard to be met by all Medical Doctors., is another important aspect to be covered during the symposium.

This event will bring together about 100 medical doctors, from both public and private medical practice from across the country, especially those working from remote areas. Kindly see attached agenda of the day.

For planning purpose please click here to register before 25/9/2018

For confirmation and clarification or help, please contact : +250 788640582 / +250 786675521 or E-mail : rmasecretariat@gmail.com


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