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Announcement : Renewal of Annual License to Practice Medicine and Dentistry in Rwanda

  • To all Medical and Dental Practitioners
  • To all Head of Health Facilities : Public, Private, Health Related Organizations/NGO

The Rwanda Medical and Dental Council wishes to bring to the attention of all Medical and Dental Practitioners and all Head of Health Facilities (public, private and health related NGOs) that since April 1st to June 30th, 2014 its secretariat started receiving applications for Annual License to practice Medicine in Rwanda for the fiscal year July 2014-June 2015 .

Effective July 2014 to June 2015, any Doctor who shall be practicing without the valid Annual License or any persons employing such a Doctor, will be contravening the Law No 44/2012 of 14/01/2013, on the organization, functioning and competence of the Medical and dental Council and shall be brought before the competent courts of law.

For more detailed information, please contact us on the following address :

Rwanda Medical and Dental Council Headquarter located at Poids Lourds Venue/Kimihurura
Toll Free Hotline : 3024
E-mail : info@rmdc.rw
Website : www.rmdc.rw

Chairman of Rwanda Medical and Dental Council


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