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Provider accreditation & Course accreditation

A. CPD Provider Accreditation

Provider Accreditation Standards : These are the written directives that describe the academic quality, organizational skills, and ethical levels of performance required of a CPD provider to be authorized to provide CPD on behalf of and with the authority of the Rwanda Medical and Dental Council.

CPD Provider Accreditation :
This is the status conferred by the Rwanda Medical and Dental Council to
CPD Providers (as described above), based on written standards of academic and organizational excellence, that authorizes them to identify training needs ; organize, implement, and administer CPD to selected groups of physicians ; and issue Certificates of Completion with the authorization and approval of the Rwanda Medical Council. This accreditation is generally
reviewed and renewed on a periodic basis to ensure continuing excellence in CPD development and implementation.

How to apply for being CPD Provider ?

Step 1 : Fill the CPD application form to be a provider (Download here)

Step 2 : Submit your signed and stamped CPD application form together with proof of application fees of 30,000Frw for public institution and 100,000Frw for private/NGO paid at Bank Account : No.00040-00282401-67, in Bank of Kigali and send to info@rmdc.rw

Step 3 : Wait for final notification and Certificate of Registration as
CPD provider

Step 4 : Upon positive feedback ; prepare and submit you action plan of activities

(Click here to download the CPD action plan form)

Step 5 : After receiving the official certificate of Registration, the Institution should start preparations of CPD course modules.

B. CPD Course accreditation

How to apply for CPD course accreditation ?

Before conducting Category I CPD activity, accredited CPD provider
should apply for the Course/training accreditation. The following are
the main steps :

Step 6 : (Click here to download the form) for Course Accreditation then submit the CPD Course Accreditation form to CPD Office.
Step 7 : Start the course upon reception of the course accreditation
showing clearly the CPD credits to be awarded.

For more information about CPD, find the CPD Policy here.


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