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Rwanda Medical and Dental Council announcement

The article 32 of the Law NÂș44/2012 of 14/01/2013 on the Organization, Functioning and Competences of the Medical and Dental Council states that :

“Any medical doctor or dentist who practices his/her profession without being registered in the Register of the Council as well as one who practices while he/she is subject to temporary or permanent suspension shall be brought before the competent courts of law.

The provisions of paragraph one of this article shall apply also to any employer of a medical doctor or a dentist referred to in that paragraph”.

During the last National Council meeting which took place on February 15th, 2013 members agreed on the followings :

- Deadline for registration of dental practitioners : March 15th, 2013.
- April 30th, 2013 : Final deadline for annual registration for medical doctors before any legal and/or disciplinary measures.
Rwanda Medical and Dental Council invites all concerned (Medical Doctors and Dentists working without registration numbers and their respective institutions) to speed up the process of registration in order to avoid sanctions as stipulated by the law.
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