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Surgical care of patients with breast cancer

In pursuance of its statutory obligations and functions, the Council has approved a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Program to improve, renew, and update the skills and ability of all doctors and to ensure that appropriate, high-quality health services are being provided to patients.

With this audience the Partners In Health / Inshuti Mu Buzima has the pleasure to invite you to the “Surgical care of patients with breast cancer” workshop will be conducted from January 14th, 2013 to February 15th , 2013 at BUTARO District Hospital.

At the successful completion of this Training, each trainee should be able to :

1)Demonstrate understanding of assessment of patients with breast cancer in terms of operability and timing of procedures in relation to systemic therapy ;

2)Demonstrate understanding of use of total mastectomy with and without axillary dissection for local control or palliation of breast cancer ;

3)Demonstrate understanding and compliance with World Health Organization patient safety standard ;

a) marking side/site in pre-op holding area

b) compliance with checklist

4) Demonstrate ability to plan surgical incision to include skin that must be removed and allow closure

5) Demonstrate understanding of the anatomy and surgical technique of total mastectomy ;

6) Demonstrate understanding of the anatomy and surgical technique of an axillary lymph node dissection ;

7) Demonstrate an understanding of post-operative care including peri-operative complications and long term morbidity ;

At the conclusion of the training, each GP (with prior surgical skills and some experience with mastectomy) who has completed 5 supervised mastectomies will be considered to perform mastectomy and axillary lymph node dissection independently.

This workshop is an accredited CPD activity ; full attendance to the workshop will allow you to earn CPD credits.


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