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The Bureau of National Council Board in its meeting of April 16th, 2021 resolved that Medical Doctors are mandatorily requested to complete the online CPD courses on Medical Certification of Causes of Death (MCCOD) available at www.rmdc.rw and submit certificate of completion while applying for license renewal.

To prevent the spread of COVID-19, all Medical Doctors are informed that the Secretariat of RMDC does not receive hard copies, only soft copies are accepted as follows :

1)Use the RMDC online services while applying for license renewal available at www.rmdc.rw
2) Or send scanned application materials including signed application form, bank slip, copy of last license and MCCOD certificate to rmdclicense2021@gmail.com

3) For any other services, do scan and send your papers at info@rmdc.rw copy mumutoni947@gmail.com

Those who failed to get the MCCOD certificate before June 30th,2021 ; A 3 month temporary license will be given to them while waiting for full compliance.

The article 22 of the Internal rules and regulations of Rwanda Medical and Dental Council states that the payment annual license renewal fees is due before July 1st of each year.

Any delays in payment of the annual licence fee shall attract the following fines :

1. 25% of the annual licence fee for the first three (3) months of delay or payment default,
2. 50% of the annual licence fee for delay or payment default between October to December 31st,
3. 100% of the annual licence fee from January onwards.

RMDC Bank Account :

  • Rwandan Francs (FRW) Bank Account : No.00040-00282401-67, in Bank of Kigali
  • USA Dollars (USD) Bank Account : No.00040-00282400-66, in Bank of Kigali
  • Swift code : BKIGRWRW

To avoid the use of fake licenses, Head of Health Facilities should always request the RMDC Secretariat confirm the status of each medical staff’s license or check from Doctors database www.rmdc.rw Effective July 1st, 2021 any Doctor without the valid Annual License or any person employing such a Doctor, will be contravening the Law No 44/2012 of 14/01/2013 and shall be brought before the competent courts of law.

Follow up is made by sending email to info@rmdc.rw copy mumutoni947@gmail.com or calling +250788388452 seven (7) days following the date of application’s submission.

Once the License Certificate is available, the scanned copy is sent to applicant’s email.

Please do avoid unnecessary movement travelling to RMDC Secretariat in the prevention of Covid-19 pandemic. The Secretariat of RMDC is not receiving hard copies.

Notice :

1. Do ensure the application form is filled out appropriately in the right category (GP, Resident, Specialist).
2.The Director General and CEO of teaching Hospital should ensure that Postgraduate students have relevant Licenses to practice as Residents.

Stay safe, Stay healthy

Kigali, June 1st,2021

Office of the Registrar
Rwanda Medical and Dental Council


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