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To : Candidates who passed or failed Council Qualifying Examinations


The Rwanda Medical and Dental Council (RMDC) was established by the Law Nº44/2012 of 14/01/2013, mandated to protect the population by guiding the profession through establishing standards and guidelines that regulate the medical and dental practice.

To ensure that, citizens are treated by qualified medical /dental professionals, the Council approved the Registration and Licensing Policy which states that “General Practitioners who graduated from Universities that are not recognized by EAC Boards/Councils or any other foreign University shall be registered after passing successfully Council Qualifying Examinations”

Reference is also made to the Ministerial Order N° 20/20 of 03/06/2010 established a one year period of intensive internship training for every Medical Doctor who successfully completed a bachelor’s degree in medicine and surgery (MBChB). The intern is supposed to practice under the supervision of a senior medical doctor designated by the National Internship Committee prior to registration in Rwanda Medical and Dental Council.

Reference is also made to the signed protocol of Association of Medical Council of Africa (AMCOA) of June 2011, on Regulation, Registration, Standard and Training stating that “Regulatory bodies should strengthen their respective registration policies to ensure proper assessment of professionals” and the AMCOA Protocol on Internship signed on August 2013 stating that “member countries agreed to a duration of not less than 12 months and not more than 24 months of internship training which shall commence after the completion of an undergraduate degree in medicine or dentistry”. Members states agree to provide where possible, internship opportunities to graduates from fellow member states without accredited internship sites provided that the hosting Country shall not register the said graduate as a practitioner in that jurisdiction”

The Extended Internship Committee meeting of March 13th,2018 Chaired by Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Health and co-chaired by Chairperson of Rwanda Medical and Dental Council attended by Director Generals in the Ministry of Health, members of Education Committee, and other internship committee members, also resolved that “Foreigners and Rwandans graduated from Universities which are not accredited by EAC Boards/Councils including the University of Burundi, Ngozi University and Hope Africa University shall be requested to write and pass the Council Qualifying Examinations to assess their level of knowledge. After passing all exams, the RMDC will issue one year provisional internship license to practice under supervision which shall be presented to MoH.

The EAC mutual recognition agreement also states that” A medical or dental practitioner wishing to practice in another partner state shall comply with the laws, regulations, practices and procedures of the host partner state in relation to registration”

On June 14th, 2018 the Chairman of RMDC had a meeting with candidates who passed and those who failed the Council Qualifying Exams (attended by 20 candidates) and agreed that :

  • Candidates who did not pass successfully theoretical and practical exams and have already temporary license they will keep the temporary licence but pass the council qualifying exams within 12 months.
  • Candidates who passed successfully Council Qualifying Examinations (Written and practical) shall be given one year provisional internship license to practice under supervision. But those who are already in an accredited internship centres shall remain there doing one year internship program under supervision with that provisional internship license.
  • The new graduates who failed the Council Qualifying Examinations (either theoretical, practical or both) will be given observership certificates and they undergo this observership in any Hospital of their choice where they get patients exposure and improve their clinical skills in a supervised environment for the safety of
    patients and to help prepare appropriately. Observership certificate does not have provisional registration number and candidates will cater for their transport, accommodation and food during that training.
  • The Rwanda Medical and Dental Council shall organize Council Qualifying Exams every Quarter (4 times per year instead of 2 times).

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