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How to become a CPD provider ?

How to apply to be CPD provider.

Important information for professional associations is that there is opportunity from Ministry of Health to facilitate Professional Health Associations to offer CPD activities in priority areas of Ethics/medical law, Internal Medicine, Obs.Gyn, Paedictrics, Surgery and Anaesthesia/Reanimation as well as medical imaging (Radiology). The target is 120 doctors to be trained in each field, as par CPD strategic plan.

It is in this regards that we would like to urge all professional association to plan for CPD activities to offer. Beginning with the month of March 2012 so as to utilize the available opportunity. The funds available are limited in time, should be utilized from March to September 2012.

How to apply ?

1 .Fill the attached form and send it to RMDC

2. Prepare training materials/modules and refereeing to CPD policy determine the type and number of credits for your activity.

The CPD policy was send earlier, also you can obtained from the link.
Please do not hesitate to seek guidance where necessary.


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