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One Month Training in India

Application for One Month Training in India

Reference is made to the letter ref. NQ2912/09.14/01lA.P/2017 dated 18th Oct, 2017 received from Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Cooperation and East African Community informing CESB of Mid-career specialized Medical training Programmes in India,
which will be held in four( 4) batches as highlighted below :

1. First batch : 10th January to 10th February, 2018
2. Second batch:10th Mach to 10th April, 2018
3. Third batch : 10th May to June, 2018
4. Fourth batch : 1Oth July to1Oth August, 2018

Assessing the importance of this training, the Rwanda Medical and Dental Council would like to request interested candidates (four (4) suitable candidates for each batch) to apply for these training Programmes before November 1st,2017 by providing the information below :

Click to fill the form

NotIce : Selected candidates shall be invited to come to the Secretariat of Rwanda medical and Dental Council to fill out the available Registration form

For more information about course click here or visit the www.fortishealthcare.com


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