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Advanced Technologies & Innovative Strategies in the Management of NCDs

Date : August 24th-26th, 2017
Venue : Marriott Hotel- Kigali, CONFERENCE 2017 -Kigali – Rwanda

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2nd Rwanda Community Pharmacists Union conference will be held in Kigali, Rwanda from 24th-26th AUGUST 2017 with the theme “Advanced technologies and Innovative strategies in the management and treatment if NCDs. The theme of conference is inspired by United Nation (UN) in its global plan of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) which emphasize the country’s effort to prevent and treat NCDs as important to achieve SDGs goal 3rd which target of reducing premature mortality from NCDs by one-third in 2030.

NCDs are posing a large financial burden on individuals and their families due to the cost of healthcare, a substantial economic impact on countries and national health systems. This is because of an increased use of health services, loss of productivity and the long-term support needed to overcome NCDs related complications, such as kidney failure, blindness, cardiac problems etc. In addition, the rate of growth of the burden of both death and disability from non-communicable diseases in Law and Middle Income Countries is ever more recognized, with chronic diseases becoming more prevalent, linked to demographic, behaviors and social changes and urbanization.

2nd RCPU conference will provide a friendly environment to the healthcare stakeholders including policy makers, researchers, health care professionals and different leaders to share experiences, ideas, have in deep discussion and explore many new ways that pharmacy professionals can add on the value expected in recent health care systems and services patient’s need as well as promote dialogue on collaborative measures to tackle the global threat of Non-communicable diseases thus improve health care in Rwanda and the globe at large. Innovation should be a vital sign in enabling region to successfully address the growing crisis of NCDs.

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