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1. Acquisition of ICT Equipment : TENDER NUMBER 01/ IT/RMDC/2017
2. Acquisition of Accounting Software : TENDER NUMBER 02/ IT/RMDC/2017

Source of Fund : Rwanda Medical and Dental Council

RMDC office address Kigali City, Gasabo District, Remera Sector, P.O Box : 7496 KIGALI KG Plot Number 24, Street 169 ,Kisimenti-Sonatube paved road opposite Remera Adventist Church Telephone number : +250 788 388 452 E-mail : info@rmdc.rw, Website :www.rmdc.rw

The Rwanda Medical and Dental Council (RMDC) invites eligible bidders to submit bids for the supply acquisition of five (5) Computer Laptops, (1) Computer Server, (1) Scanner, (1) Printer, (1) Projector, (1) External Hard Disk, (1) Onduleur (UPS), (1) Power Exention Cable, (1) Professional Camera and Supply and Installation of accounting software as indicated in detail in the statement of requirements.

Each tender document in English may be obtained from RMDC Office. For submission of their bids, all interested bidder must pay non-refundable fee of ten thousand (10,000) Rwandan francs paid to the account number No.00040-0282401-67 (opened at Bank of Kigali).

All bids will be submitted separately for the two tenders as mention above at RMDC Office before 5th June 2017 at 10h00 am local time. Late bids will be rejected. Bids will be opened in public on the same day at 10:30 am, local time.
The bids shall remain valid for a period of 120 days starting from the submission deadline above mentioned.

All interested bidders may obtain some complementary information by calling +250 788 388 452 not later than Seven days before the fixed deadline for the submission of bids.

Done at Kigali on 5th May, 2017

Dr. Emmanuel RUDAKEMWA
Chairman of Rwanda Medical and Dental Council

Click here to download the Tender Announcement


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