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CPD Accredited Workshop on Oral Health at Kinihira Hospital

The Rwanda Medical and Dental Council/CPD Coordination Office iis organizing an accredited CPD workshop on "Oral Health" in collaboration with Rwanda Dental Association_accredited CPD Provider No R0068/2013 for Kinihira Hospital as newly upgraded Provincial Hospital and accredited CPD provider No R0080/2014.

Venue : Kinihira Hospital Conference room

Day I :

  • Primary Teeth mutilations
  • Prise en charge the fractures mandibulaires
  • Perinatal and maternal oral health care

Day II and III :

  • Clinical/Practical sessions

Dates : December 17-19, 2014
CPD provider : Rwanda Dental Association
CPD Credits : 7 per day
Target Audience : MDs, Dental Theurapists and Nurses
To register for the workshop, do contact :
Thadee VUGUZIGA (vuguziga@gmail.com)
MUSAFIRI Rogers (mrofre@yahoo.co.uk)

Click here to download the agenda.


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