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Day 2 Highlights of the RSS 7th Annual Scientific Conference.

1. Dr. D. HAKIZIMANA : Traumatic brain injury-our experience : 3 TBI/ week at CHUK, 1/5 children with TBI is operated at CHUK. Prevention is a key ; through education programs and closer supervision of children.
2. Dr. S. Muneza :The role of endoscopy in management of hydrocephalus in Rwanda at CHUK ; ETV is a minimally invasive low cost with less complications method, ideal for both developed and LIMC in the management of Hydrocephalus.
3. Dr. Gasana Afrika :The management of urinary bladder exstrophy at KFH & RMH : Bladder extrophy is a neonatal emergency and should be referred soon after diagnosis to specialized centers for management.
4. Dr. Egide Abahuje :Surgery for trauma and burn accounts for 36.5% of all pediatric surgery at CHUK % CHUB. Trauma prevention interventions and early diagnosis and management of congenital anomaly will decrease the burden and improve outcome of pediatric surgery in Rwanda.
5. Dr. Edouard Ngendahayo :A retrospective review of intussusception case among children at CHUK 2009-2012 : Training HC and DH care providers in clinical diagmosis of bowel intussusception in children for a timely transfer to referral hospitals
6. Dr. E. Muhawenimana :A retrospective review of underscended testes at KFH : Most congenital anomalies are easy to diagnose clinically. There is associated of high risk of subfertility and testicular malignancy. Ideally orchidopexy should be performed between 6-12 months.
7. Dr. Edouard Ngendahayo :The outcome of hypospadias repair at KFH : No circumcision on abnormal penis, transfer to Surgeons. Rise the awareness of the abnormality to the public.


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