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Submission of CPD credits for next year License renewal

Reference is made to the Ministerial Instruction No 20/52 of April 5th, 2011 establishing the Continuing Professional Development for all Medical Doctors and Dentists especially in it’s article 13 stating that the effective participation of every practitioner in the CPD program is a mandatory requirement for licence renewal for the practice of medicine and dentistry in Rwanda,

From that fact, by June 2015 every medical and dental practitioner shall be required to submit to the RMDC secretariat the evidence of 150 CPD credits earned since 2012 till 2015 as mandatory requirement for license renewal for the practice of medicine and dentistry in Rwanda

The Period of application for Lecense renewal (with submission of CPD credits) is April -June 2015

Use your CPD logbook to record CPD credits and at the same time record them via CPD online services (http://rmdc.rw/spip.php?article18) as back up of your credits

For any enquiries contacts us at info@rmdc.rw

Thank you for nice collaboration

CPD Coordination Office


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