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Today, the 1st June, 2012, Pursuant to law No 30/2001 of June 12, 2001 regarding the organization, functioning and scope of activities of the Rwanda Medical Council, the National Council held its first annual ordinary meeting at La Palisse Nyandungu, Kigali.

The agenda of the meeting was focused on initiating the new members on procedures and processes of the council both at central and regional levels.

Besides, members have had a lengthy discussion on issues pertaining to medical litigation management. An overview of Liabilities by health care professionals was presented by Justice Businge Johnson, the President of the High Court, Kigali and a Principal Judge in the East African Court of Justice.
Members discussed and agreed on the activities, budget and timelines on the implementation of the 2012-2013 action plan.
Tasks and responsibilities of provincial representatives were discussed at length and agreed upon. The provincial representatives are the guardians of good medical practices in their constituencies.
Members reiterated the need for Rwanda Medical council to streamline its pro active role in protecting the patients interests throughout the health care system in Rwanda. This will be done through championing of good medical practices and prompt management of malpractices by the council.

Members recommended the establishment of close working relationships with other state organs to ensure effective patient rights protection and medical profession trust and dignity.

Done at Kigali, 1st June, 2012


Secretary/registrar, National Bureau of Rwanda Medical Council.
Ag RMC Spokes man


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