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Grading /Credentialing of medical and dental practitioners

Reference made to the letter No 1258/19.26 dated June 3rd, 2013 from
the Ministry of Public Services and Labour and the letter
No20/2371/DAHR/2013 dated June 10th, 2013 from the Ministry of Health both requesting for grading/credentialing of Health Professionals in their respective categories ;
The Rwanda Medical and Dental Council received applications from
Doctors and in actual fact grading was initiated since December 13,
2013 till now. Unfortunately, some of Doctors’ applications materials
were difficult to evaluate as they do not provide clear information
with respect to the portfolio (showing clearly the number of patients
seen and number of procedures performed with reference year 2012) and
evidence of CPD Credits (Minimum of 50 CPD credits per one year) and
they have been requested to revise and resubmit those missing

Thus, this is a gentle reminder to those who submitted incomplete
application materials that ; the deadline for receiving the revised
portfolio and evidence of CPD credits is March 7th, 2014.

We are also reminding those who did not submit their applications that
the RMDC secretariat is still receiving their applications till March
7th, 2014 at 5:00 pm after that no more applications will be accepted.
Finally, the Head of all Referral Hospitals and District
Hospitals/Clinics are kindly requested to encourage General
Practitioners practicing in their respective Hospitals to submit their
applications before the above mentioned deadline.

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