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The Rwanda Society of
Obstetricians and Gynecologists
(RSOG) is pleased to organize its
first scientific conference from 25th to
26th July 2013. This will be preceded
by 3 workshops on the 24th July. As
CPD provider, RSOG considers this
kind of event as a great opportunity
for knowledge improvement and
skills acquisition. Its mandate is
to continually improve knowledge
and performance of obstetricians
and gynecologists and other health
professionals invested in maternal and reproductive health. Colleagues
from the region, continent and the entire world have accepted to
attend this conference and even give presentations. This makes the
conference more interesting as experiences will be shared between
colleagues around the world. The theme of the conference is : SAVING
MOTHERS GIVING BIRTH. We could not find better theme than this
one as we are approaching the Millennium Development Goals.
Rwanda has done a lot in reducing maternal mortality by half for the
last 10 years. We hope to be ready by 2015.

This conference will be preceded by workshops in the following area
to improve skills of our doctor :

Office Hysteroscopy : will take place in Rwanda Military Hospital.
This is a very important skill in the field of gynecology. It allows having
a look in a woman womb with no anesthesia in few minutes. This can
allow seeing properly if there is any pathology which can be even
removed at the same occasion.

Colposcopy : will take place in Kibagabaga Hospital. Cervical cancer is a second cancer killing woman in Rwanda. Yet it can be prevented.
This skill is very important to acquire for the doctor to properly diagnose
the pre-malignant lesion so a treatment can be instituted. It has been
important to improve the skill of our doctors in this field.

Obstetrics Ultrasound : will take place in CHUK. Ultrasound has
improved the management of pregnancy. All doctors need to be skilled
enough in this area to make sure that the progress of the pregnancy
is monitored.

At the end of this scientific conference we expect participants to be
able to perform office hysteroscopy, colposcopy and ultrasound ; to
acquire new knowledge in the field of maternal and reproductive
health for use in their daily practice.

I would like to thank all RSOG members and others who have put a
lot of effort in the preparation of this conference for its success. We
appreciate their time and dedication for better future of our mothers
and newborns.

My gratitude goes also to all who have sent their abstracts and
presentations for the conference. Without your commitment, this
event could have not possible. The message from your presentation
will allow participant to go back at their working place with confident.

Last but not least, I sincerely thank our partners who have financial
supported this conference namely the Ministry of Health, UNICEF,
VSI, RSSB, MNCHR, JPHIEGO and others. Your contribution shows
that you value our work and are determined to be part of the changes
which must translate into the improvement of maternal health.

Thank you and enjoy the conference.
Dr Eugene NGOGA
RSOG President

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