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Critical Care Update for Surgeons

Rwanda Medical and Dental Council has approved a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Program to improve, renew, and update the skills and ability of all doctors and to ensure that appropriate, high-quality health services are being provided to patients.

With this audience the Rwanda Surgical Society(RSS) is organizing workshop on “Critical Care Update for Surgeons” the workshop will be conducted from 22nd May, 2013 to 23rd May, 2013 at ALPHA PALACE HOTEL, Kigali.

At the successful completion of this training, each trainee should be able to :

1. Rapid systematic patient assessment when under pressure, using a specific algorithm.
2. Systematic decision making in critically ill surgical patients. This refers to patients with major trauma, after major surgery and with surgical sepsis.
3. The curriculum follows an ABCDE structure, with teaching delivered through interactive lectures, tutorials and practical sessions. Examples of topics covered include :
A : Patient assessment ; New developments in Advanced Life Support ; Paediatric life support ; Advanced airway management.
B : Trauma causes of breathlessness ; Post-operative hypoxia.
C : Shock ; Fluid therapy ; Oliguria ; Cardiac complications in surgery ;
Monitoring in critical care.
D : Confusion ; Head and spinal injuries ; Sepsis ; Pain management ; Principles of anaesthesia for surgeons.
E (Extras) : Obstetric critical care for surgeons ; Communication skills (using SBAR) ; Care of the dying patient in ICU ; Quality control in Critical Care.

The workshop is an accredited CPD activity ; full attendance to the workshop will allow you to earn CPD credits.


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