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Basic and Advanced Topics in Clinician-Performed Ultrasound

Rwanda Medical and Dental Council has approved a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Program to improve, renew, and update the skills and ability of all doctors and to ensure that appropriate, high-quality health services are being provided to patients.

With this audience the CHUK in partnership with HRH Emergency Medicine is organizing workshop on “Basic and Advanced Topics in Clinician-Performed Ultrasound” the workshop will be conducted from 29th April, 2013 to 1st May, 2013 at CHUK simulation center.

At the end of the workshop, participants should be familiar with following concepts :

1. Basic machine operation, probe selection, image acquisition and optimization ;
2. Ultrasound applications for assessment of abdominal and thoracic free fluid ;
3. Ultrasound applications for assessment of pneumothorax ;
4. Ultrasound applications for basic cardiac evaluations of function and pericardial ; effusion ;
5. Ultrasound applications for regional analgesia ;
6. Ultrasound applications for deep or difficult intravenous access ;

The workshop is an accredited CPD activity ; full attendance to the workshop will allow you to earn CPD credits.


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