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In pursuance of its statutory obligations and functions, the Council has approved a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Program to improve, renew, and update the skills and ability of all doctors and to ensure that appropriate, high-quality health services are being provided to patients.

The PTC team works in conjunction with local medical and health educational systems to train doctors and nurses to prioritize and treat severely injured patients quickly and systematically using what equipment they have, to improve the early management of trauma at the district hospital.

Primary Trauma Care is intended to reach all areas of a country wherever there is trauma.
With this audience Rwanda Surgical Society and Primary Trauma Foundation is organizing a workshop on “PRIMARY TRAUMA COURSE”.

The initial Primary Trauma Care course run in a country is specifically designed for the most senior surgeons, anaesthetists and emergency medicine physicians in an area. This course is open to all. The medium term plan is that this course is taught at the district general hospital level, and the long term plan is to extend this to the rural areas.
Anyone with a legitimate professional interest in trauma can do a PTC course. Initial courses should be aimed at doctors and other senior health professionals, but once a course is established in a country, other health professionals can be trained, e.g. registered nurses, health officers, ambulance paramedics and police officers.

The objectives of the course is to Demonstrate the systematic assessment & treatment of the severely injured patient, to train the participant in the knowledge, skills and attitudes of the PTC principles and to consider how these PTC principles can be adapted to your hospital.

The workshop is an accredited CPD activity ; full attendance to the workshop will allow you to earn CPD credits.
Start date : 15th April 2013
End date : 19th April 2013
The event will be held at Gorillas Hotel, Kiyovu, Kigali


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