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HIV[e] Education training

Health[e] Foundation in collaboration with the National University of Rwanda, Faculty of Medicine is pleased to offer an opportunity for doctors and pharmacists in Rwanda to advance their knowledge in HIV/AIDS through a Self Study Training Course combined with two on-site
After successful completion of the training, participants will receive a certificate of completion by the University of Amsterdam (AMC), the Netherlands.

This is an e-learning course which consists of 23 modules. The course offers a comprehensive
package of up-to-date information on all aspects of treatment and care for patients with HIV/AIDS
including treatment interactions, toxicities and drug adherence among other topics.

The course needs to be completed on a computer, but permanent internet connection is not needed for this course. In order for participants to complete the training and receive a certificate,
trainees have to fulfill the following requirements :

1. Participate in the 1-day “Kick-Off” meeting, scheduled for 20 March 2013 at Hilltop Hotel in Kigali
2. Complete the modules in a 3 months period (participants will receive the modules on a flash-disk during the Kick Off meeting)
3. Participate in the 2-day closing workshop after the self-study period, scheduled for end of
June 2013.

Other than transport reimbursement and catering during the workshop days, there will be no additional allowances for trainees.
Admission for this course is restricted to 50 participants.
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